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Holistic designer. Author. Transformational guide.

Welcome to my website!

Clothes are more than a 2nd skin. Colors, shapes and patterns influence us on deep subconscious levels. With raised self awareness and basic knowledge of their silent language, clothes can become enjoyable tools for inner growth. 

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Here is what I offer.

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Welcome to a talk, read one of my books or my blog, where I present a holistic way of looking at clothes and new ways of using them.

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Let me support your personal growth in a coaching session, course or program and guide you in how to use clothes as tools on your journey.

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WHOLE THREADS is a collection of tops in the making, where the fabric  patterns are designed to help us towards inner balance and integration.

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Human Growth and the Future of Clothes 

will be published in 2023.

Read the blurb here. (Temporary cover)

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