After graduating from Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm, I started working as a designer in the world of clothes. A few years on I had advanced to chief of design for a large clothing company. But about the same time I began to seriously question fashion and the clothing industry.


My bold decision to leave, and embark on a quest to find a more meaningful way to work with clothes, marked the beginning of a journey that turned out to be as exciting as challenging. As I delved into the mystery of 

human and cultural evolution, explored my own identity in-depth and studied the effects of colors, shapes and surface patterns on the human psyche, a deeper understanding of clothes emerged. I re-evaluated what it means to be a designer. As new ways of working gradually unfolded, there was a steady focus on interweaving the inner and outer. Eventually I began to teach others how to use colors, patterns and garment styles as tools on their path to inner growth.


Today I call myself a holistic designer. The different facets of my work is the result of my attempt to integrate clothing design, psychology and human evolution.


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Cultural change. Wholeness. Sustainability.

Cultural values are one of the reasons why clothes look the way they do and are so intimately connected to cultural development.

On a personal level clothes fill our shifting needs and our motivation 

to use them changes as we develop. But our beliefs about clothes, and our relationship to them, are going through a transformation.


Since the manufacturing of garments is also one of the dirtiest industries in the world, environmental and social issues are forcing us to find new ways.​ But in order to truly contribute in making the clothing industry sustainable, we can't just address external issues. We also need to look at inner development. 


Holistic designer. Author.
Transformational guide.

My kind of beauty goes beyond the surface...