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After graduating from Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm, I began working as a designer. A few years on I had advanced to chief of design for a large clothing company. But I soon began to seriously question fashion and the clothing industry.


My bold decision to leave, and embark on a quest to find a more meaningful way to work with clothes, marked the beginning of a journey that turned out to be as exciting as challenging. As I delved into the mystery of human and cultural evolution, explored my own identity in-depth and studied the effects of colors, shapes and surface patterns on the human psyche, a deeper understanding of clothes emerged. I re-evaluated what it means to be a designer. 

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My Story.

New ways of working unfolded gradually along with my steady focus on interweaving the inner and outer. Eventually I began to teach others how to use colors, patterns and garment styles as tools on their path to inner growth.


Today I call myself a holistic designer. The different facets of my work is the result of my attempt to integrate clothing design, psychology and human evolution.

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