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Bursting at the Seams is a book about clothes. Yet a large part of it is not about clothes at all, but rather how they fit into a holistic perspective that includes human development and cultural transformation. It’s about the role they can play as tools in our process of growth. 

Surrounded by global threats we are challenged to find new ways. Our habitual ways of doing things don’t really work anymore. The system behind the clothing industry is becoming outdated, and our efforts of making it sustainable through organic fabrics, green production processes and recycling are not enough. If we want a truly sustainable development we cannot look only to the surface. 


How will clothes change when our need for inner development becomes as important as our need for protection against the elements? What will happen to them when beauty ideals have turned into something obsolete? Do we keep on dressing in the same type of pants, shirts and dresses? One thing is certain: As we evolve, new needs come to the forefront. Unless we figure out what these needs are, and change our clothes into a newer version that can also fill those needs, we will outgrow them. Their seams will definitely begin to burst. 

Bursting at the Seams looks behind the surface of clothes and presents a different approach. When what we used to see as something shallow is integrated with a wider perspective of growth, a new holistic understanding of the garments we put around us will begin to take shape. We learn how to use them in a new way. And new ways of designing clothes are made possible. 

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