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Our fabric patterns

The pattern collections are not made to just look nice. Each has a specific purpose. While some are designed as tools to integrate different functions, others are created to enhance inner balance or zoom in on the healing shapes of nature. None of our designs are time-sensitive, so our library of fabrics will keep growing.

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The Elements

These fabric patterns are made as tools to balance the different functions related to the basic elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Read more and see the collection... 



The fabrics in this collection are all made to enhance inner balance. 

Read about this collection and look at the designs...

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Wonders of Nature

The fabric patterns in this collection are all based on different healing patterns found in Nature. The one to the left is inspired by a shell. To be released!




All of our fabric patterns are produced and sold through Spoonflower. Sustainability is at the heart of their business. Their focus is to:

  • Reduce the use of materials, energy and water by choosing a pigment printing process instead of reactive dye.

  • Minimize fabric waste by only printing what is needed, plus recycling and transforming any fabric waste.

  • Ethically source materials from a small group of trusted vendors.

Read more about their sustainable approach here.

Why is this better?


This is a different way to produce fabric patterns, adapted to individual needs and preferences.  

  • You can print the quantities you want so there will be very little leftover materials. It's even possible to just order a swatch.

  • You have a choice of different materials (the organic options will hopefully grow). For now we recommend Organic Cotton Sateen if you plan to make a Simple Shirt.

  • There is no limit to the amount of designs. Whole Threads' library of fabric patterns will continue to grow. No design will get "out of season", since this is not the way we work.