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A Calming Embrace

When I grew up, blue was my favorite color. Even though I could be very social, I was also a shy and introvert child with a rich inner life, who loved alone time. When we moved to a new house in my teens, I decorated my room with a blue wall-to-wall carpet and a blue bedspread.

(I did add some other colors, though.)

Blue is a global favorite and most people like some shade of the color.

Many experience ”a blue person” as serious and collected, as someone they can depend upon. They can be good listeners, able to help others become more aware of themselves.

Dark blue uniforms, as well as navy suits in the corporate world, are some examples where dark blue conveys confidence. This particular dark blue shade, with low saturation (which indicates the person’s feelings are not very involved), is associated with intelligence and stability. On the negative side it can also be experienced as conservative and boring. 

The cool person, who doesn’t get all worked up over things, is also blue. 

This personality type takes even upsetting things with a relaxed attitude and just continues to breathe calmly. The calming effect of the blue color actually slows down our heart-rate and helps us relax. 

Just as seeing red alludes to the strong emotions associated with the color red, the expression feeling blue tells us what might happen if we overemphasize this color. If our blue energy gets blocked, the calm and cool can turn into sadness, resignation and even depression. 

Too much blue could dampen your spirit.

Blue symbolizes a phase where energies are directed towards our inner life. Even though we are still involved in external activities, these are not our main motivation. To this type of person introspection is more important than outside success. 

Experiences are analyzed and processed, which leads to self-awareness and maturation. With the darker, highly saturated shades of blue, we delve into the mysteries of the soul and experience the depth within, where the boundaries of the personality are dissolved. 

In the blue realm you find the visionary, dedicated to higher ideals.

The lighter shades of the color are more related to the intellect and the higher, abstract mind, where we gather wisdom through philosophy, religion and meditation. Deep insights and an intuitive understanding of the processes of life provide ever-expanding perspectives. If we get stuck there, the gap between inner experience and concrete reality can become overwhelming to the point that we isolate ourselves.

Blue is the unknown… 

The expressions out of the blue and into the blue help us grasp another aspect of the blue color. Blue also represents the unknown, that can only be accessed in a calm and bluish state of mind. 

Are there many blue garments in your wardrobe? 

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