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A Feminine Way to Dress

To dress in a Feminine Way might not be what you think.

To dress in a feminine way… that’s a matter of picking out soft and sensual clothes, right?

But no, that’s not what I refer to at all. A Feminine Way to dress can be something entirely different and can even involve adding some masculine flavor to your wardrobe.

Dressing in a Feminine Way is a very different approach to clothes.

The true Feminine is all about flow, about life. Nothing static belongs to this realm. No set personal styles or fashions are possible. So forget about dressing according to trends, to fit in, to look like somebody else or to show which group you belong to. Forget about who you think you are and the traits of your personality. This goes deeper!

This way to dress involves carefully tuning in to what different colors, patterns and garment types represent. It is a conscious way to choose what shades and shapes are to be part of your energy field. It is a deeper knowing of why you choose the garments you do.

A Feminine Way to dress has nothing to do with how you look to others. It has everything to do with your own experience of the clothes you wear.

Your Feminine Spirit is hidden behind the veils of the ego. Taking a serious look at the way you dress is an attempt to see through those veils. Delving into the depths of the world within might take time. It might even take courage. But once you get to know the inner world of the Feminine, every nuance and every hue, every fabric and pattern, will have a deeply felt significance. Dressing will never be the same. It will never again be only about what’s on the surface.

As you explore the different parts of your psyche, you will come to know that the Feminine is all about wholeness and about healing that which has been split.

Balancing and integrating makes metamorphosis possible.

Taking a deep look at the way you dress can provide clarity about your strengths and weaknesses as well as imbalances and blockages. You can use colors, patterns and garments to balance and enhance these. You can even add the qualities needed.

With these tools in hand you can start building a persona that can embody as well as express your Essence. An outer You that can adapt to changing needs.

A Feminine Way to dress is not just for the body, but for the soul and spirit as well…

Image: AlicePopkorn

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