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A Flow of Feelings

Is it difficult for you to control your feelings? Does it feel like they just take over sometimes?

If so, your inner landscape could be flooded with too much water. Or it might be too dry, which would make it difficult for you to enter the realm of feelings.

The good news is that both these imbalances can be fixed. And with a very enjoyable tool: clothes. Sound like magic, doesn’t it?

The colors and patterns on fabrics for clothes influence our moods as well as our subconscious.

We all know that we express our personality through clothes. The fact that the clothes we wear also affect and shape our personality is not as well known. There is a connection between colors, shapes, visual patterns and the human psyche that has almost been forgotten. This can be used for our own benefit and for healing purposes.

In an earlier blog - Design for the Soul - I wrote about the five elements as building blocks of the psyche. The feeling part of our inner world is related to the element of Water. If we study water, it’s obviously an element that flows freely when unobstructed. But, if you put your hand in it, it’s easily influenced and changes direction. This is also true on an inner level. If your connection to the watery element is strong, you are probably very impressionable and sensitive.

Water represents our instinctual, emotional life as well as our unconscious mind.

There is also a heavy quality to Water. It penetrates deep into the earth. Translated to human experience this can be compared to depth and intuitive wisdom.

The Watery patterns are based on curved and wavy lines, like the flow and movement of emotions. Here are a few examples of how these patterns can look:

There are also different stages to each element, representing phases in its development, and this is where colors join in the mix. (For those of you who are interested, there is also a connection to the astrological signs.)

A fabric collection based on the Elements, that functions as tools for inner balance, will be presented soon. So stay tuned!

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