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A Higher Value of Clothes

Boost you garments with immaterial value!

Are you deeply attached to that blue sweater? Do you feel genuine love for those striped pants? Your answer is probably no.

Why are clothes discarded so easily today? Is it because their value is low (due to cheap production) or is there something in our attitude that needs tweaking?

Can we dump the ”one-night-stand” attitude for a long-term relationship with clothes?

If we felt more appreciation for each piece of garment, our attitude would change. But how do we do that? Since clothes are ”just” something material, wouldn’t that make us even more materialistic? Hmm… Can there be positive aspects of being attached to things?

Getting more attached to the garments in your wardrobe doesn’t mean you will gather more without discernment. That bond can be a good thing. What we love and cherish we care for. It’s about appreciation, maybe even reverence. It’s also about forming a close-knit relationship built on respect for the material and the effort of those who made it. This is actually the opposite of being materialistic.

It’s actually a non-materialistic attitude, since the value of garments are based on their immaterial value.

Do you have memories of some garment that you loved and wore until it had been mended time and time again and almost fell apart? Weren’t you heartbroken when you realized it just had to go? And looking for a replacement was simply impossible. Why did you feel that way? Was this specific garment connected to a certain memory, or person?

You can make the choice to charge your garments with attributes! Let your trousers become the ones you wore when you dared tell someone you loved them. Make your dress that valuable piece worn when you feel great about yourself. Practice associating them with something you value. Magnetize that pair of socks so that they become lucky charms!

Let your jacket symbolize your spunkiness… that stylish blouse your self-confidence.

Besides memories and experiences, the immaterial value of a garment can be a specific color you need in your life, or a visual pattern that helps you restore inner balance. That turquoise polo-neck can help up the much needed skill of communication… the brown checked pair of trousers can supply you with grounding. (Stay tuned for online courses about colors and visual patterns!)

Go ahead and form a love bond with your garments. Loved things are not wasted lightly!

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