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A New Take on Clothes

As time progresses our view of the world, and the objects around us, changes. Hidden angles are revealed. Innovation brings a different set of questions to the surface and polarized perspectives propel us to new conclusions and a growing awareness. New truths are born.

In the world of clothes, stereotype ideals and a shallow way of looking at women (and men) is replaced by one that is more holistic and natural.

What used to be an absolute becomes obsolete.

The primary function of clothes is protection against weather and wind, as well as something with which to hide what is most intimate. They are also a tool to tell others who we are, through a combination of colors, symbols and styles. This adds a joy of creative expression. Clothes are also the visual codes of a society, exposing our collective values and attitudes.

Food has nowadays turned into something more than a meal. It’s also functional medicine. We can use it to balance and strengthen our body. Could functions be added to clothes as well? Clothes are such a perfect way to say things that cannot be said in words. They can actually make an impression on our inner world. It is well-known that colors, shapes and patterns affect our psyche. If we start using this more consciously, it’s definitely a new function.

What used to be ”something on the surface” deepens.

The garments in our wardrobes are an expression of our identity. The only way to know how to develop our wardrobe, to narrow it down to essentials, would then be through deepening the awareness of our identity. Do we really know ourselves, or is an exploration of inner worlds necessary?

We already know that what we call our personality is actually a group of different parts. The ones that are strongest are what decide our clothing style. In order to move beyond the contrasting parts of the personality, and make room to express our inner Selves, some soul searching is required.

Originally there was a magical dimension to clothes.

Our human need to decorate ourselves was not primarily practical. One of the theories to explain why the first visual patterns were created, was that they were symbols of mystical powers. The purpose of symbols and patterns on clothes was to protect the wearer, or to provide him or her with a specific power. This magical, or spiritual, dimension needs to be brought back. It would re-evaluate our perception of clothes and add more functions.

For those of you who are interested in deepening your self-knowledge while learning more about using colors, patterns and styles in clothing to balance and integrate different parts of the personality, our first course will be released at the beginning of 2019.

Are you interested in conscious clothing and the future of clothes?

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