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A Steady Ground

Are you reliable and stable? Do you have a tendency to hold on to material things?

Both of these personality traits are an expression of the Earth element. This is a person who sticks to things that are safe and reliable, to that which is already known and tested.

Earth represents our material reality.

The earth element is created out of what is heavy and firm, two qualities that together makes something immobile. It represents the areas of life where our efforts and mistakes have concrete results, like money, material resources, security and work. It’s about our attempts to satisfy basic needs in the concrete world, experienced by the five senses and a practical, rational mind.

Functionality, regularity and order is important. Family is also important, as are traditions and other things that last.

Earthy people usually have a large dose of common sense.

They see things the way they are. These are the people who most easily relate to the material world and are interested in the physical and practical. If they want to change things they do it through planning and a practical as well as structured way of carrying it through. And a large dose of patience!

The Earth types are the most loyal and responsible people - if they say they will do something, you can trust that it will be done. And in time.

They have both feet firmly planted on the ground.

People who are strongly identified with this element have an inherent stability that make them resistant to change. They can lack flexibility. Depending on the circumstance this can be both good and bad. It’s all a matter of balance. Too much or too little of anything turns into something not as enjoyable.

Earth patterns are based on squares and straight angles. Here are a few examples of how these patterns can look:

So, if you need to strengthen this element in your life - look for, and dress in, these kinds of patterns.

In our earlier blog Design for the Soul I explained how the elements are building blocks of the psyche. There are different stages to each element, representing phases in its development. There is also a connection to the astrological signs.

Another pleasurable/great way to fill up your Earth energy is to walk barefoot in nature or put your hands in the soil. Make it a practice and you will definitely feel more grounded.

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