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A Tint of Equilibrium

Do you like green or is it one of those colors you have no specific relationship to?

When I grew up my colors were blue and yellow. Green "belonged" to my sister. She was the stable and balanced person in the family and you could always rely on her. She had all the typical qualities you would expect from a greenie. (And still does.)

I started to become conscious of colors, and the importance of finding inner balance, in my late twenties. That’s when I realized that my relationship to green was non-existent. The color felt boring to me, but I couldn't dismiss the obvious connection between my lack of stability and my feelings for green. So I went on a search for agreeable shades.

You can always find a tint or shade you like and look good in.

If you are also one of those with a non-existent relationship to green, you might need to add a splash of the color to your wardrobe. There is an abundance of green hues and looking through all the shades from the yellowy greens to the bluish, in a bright, light or dark hue, I am sure you can find something you like.

In my blog Three Faces of Color green is described as a balancing point that slows things down, between the two antagonistic forces of red and blue.

Green is a point of equilibrium.

Green is a color that is neither active nor passive, neither extrovert nor introvert, neither material nor spiritual. It is an energy that vibrates balance and harmony. This is very obvious when we are in nature surrounded by leaves and grass.

The color has a healing power, bringing a sense of rest. In this still point of calmness we can recuperate and gain momentum for further growth. The color reflects something that grows - life, hope, youth. It transmits a feeling of abundance and generosity.

Green is also prominent in those who care about others. It’s associated with understanding, compassion and sympathy. A ”green" person always has a listening ear, comforting words, concern for people, children, animals and nature.

With ”green fingers” we are good at making things grow.

But there is also the expression ”green with envy”. So, don’t be too green. If you overextend yourself in giving to others and getting little back in return, you might flip into a victim role.

Green is also status quo, immobility. If there is an imbalance, so that the energy is exaggerated, there might be reluctance to change. The calm confidence in life can create inertia and there might be a risk for stagnation.

Think green, wear green and be more harmonious!

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