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A Visual Gate to Wholeness

Just as other geometric shapes, the circle reflects a specific state of awareness. Its outer shape works like a gate to access this state.

Whether we see the circle in a decorative, repeating pattern (like the shirt in the image), or just as one single shape, it has the ability to bring us to a world of wholeness and unlimited possibilities.

The family of basic geometric shapes has several branches. The Circle belongs to one that is unique. As the others are made up of straight lines and angles, and mirror different stages of human evolution, the Circle shows us a state of consciousness beyond movement.

Wholeness and Unity

All opposites are enclosed in the circle. All things exist together. No thing is more or less. Nor is anything better or worse. The Circle reflects an awareness beyond dualism. A state of unity, where no separation exists.


Since everything is contained within it, the state of mind that the Circle lead us to is where we find life, power and potential. Finding our way through this gate is necessary in order to be truly creative. This is the place where we swim in a sea of possibilities and an unlimited supply of ideas. Here we can experience chaos as well as the birth of new ideas.

The Circle symbolizes the Universe. There is no point where it begins and none where it ends. And there is nothing outside the Universe… it includes all things.

The Eternal Now, beyond Time and Space.

A newly born baby still belongs to Eternity. We can see it in its eyes. Gazing out is a wisdom beyond words, that profoundly touches those who see it. In this state everything is alive and connected to everything else. The world consists of colors and energy fields that interact and it’s not possible to separate one thing from another.

The beginning and the end

As you enter Circle-land, you see that there really is no beginning or end. The laws of this land are about cycles that repeat themselves. As power moves in a circle a new cycle begins. All through nature we find this continual repetition of the cyclical law.

Everything the Power of the World does is done in a circle… The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is in everything where power moves. Black Elk

Divinity and Completion

The Circle is the home of the immortal Self. It reflects All That IsFather-Mother God.

A meditative state

Be still and rest within…

Be nurtured and healed…

Experience the bliss in letting go of resistance…

This post is part of a series about different shapes and how they affect us.

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