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Are You Wearing Your True Colors?

Sometimes the colors of a person’s clothes seem to truly enhance their genuine expression. Other times they just feel off, like they are not really right for them. 

Our daily mood is usually what influences which colors we choose to wear for the day. A bright and happy mood equals bright colors... not really wanting to attract attention could lead to picking out some grays and beiges from your wardrobe... feeling heavy or depressed might make you wear darker colors. We often have long periods of time when an overall mood is prevailing and this basic vibration sets a tone that decides what colors of clothes we buy and wear. 

Colors are different frequencies of light and can be used to enhance the energy you need. 

Are you plain and held back? Balance this by using warmer colors, like reds and oranges...

Are you serious and heavy? Step it up with brighter colors to lighten you up...

Are you overly driven and/or aggressive? Wind down a bit with more blue and green garments...


This piece of advice regards balancing you personality traits. Sometimes we are so caught up with, and blinded by, our personality traits that we are not really sure about who we are on a deeper soul level. It can take some searching to find these deeper characteristics. But, once you do, you will know your True Colors!

Let your appearance be in accordance with who you really are! 

Deep down... are you very warm and passionate? Express your uniqueness with deep and warm reds. Are you wonderfully deep and mysterious? Show your special beauty in deep blue and purple. Are you happy and playful? Let your Spirit shine in bright and light pinks, oranges and yellows. Don’t pretend to be anything else. Show your true colors!

If your Spirit feels powerful and expressive, pastels aren’t for you.

Be more aware of colors and use them more consciously! When you see and understand the relationship between who you are and the energy you express through your clothes, you can change your inner balance as well as begin to express who you truly are. 

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