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Clothes for Body, Soul & Spirit

It is pretty obvious what we mean when we talk about clothes for the body. But what about clothes for the soul… clothes for spirit? Is there really such a thing?

It is all about different levels of Being and a different functionality of clothes. 

Clothes for the BODY 

One of the most important aspects of clothes on this level is about their practical functions. Various garments are to protects us from cold, heat and wind, and keep us comfortable. They should also provide practical solutions like pockets and buttons. 

Since this level is the most dense of the three it also includes our personality, which is set in specific patterns - those that are inherited as well as those created by our upbringing and environment. The personality has a set of traits and a life style, expressed through certain colors, patterns and styles of clothing. 

Clothes for the SOUL

We all have an individualized soul. While our personality has specific traits, our soul also embodies its shadow traits and all counterparts. One way to travel the path of expansion from personality to Soul, is to balance these set traits. The colors, patterns and styles of the clothes we wear are perfect tools to do this. 

As we reach wholeness, our unique Soul begins to shine through. Once we are re-aquainted and identified with your Soul, we can sense its Beauty and unique combination of deeper qualities. These can be expressed through our garments as well as clothing style. The function of clothes on this level is thus about the embodiment of Soul qualities. 

Clothes for SPIRIT

The level of least density is that of Spirit, so transient that it is difficult to give it an expression through form. To help express this dimension the garments need to be as simple and free of characteristics as possible. Embellish garments with symbols, as well as prayers, to tune in to Spirit. This can provide an often well-needed depth to life. 

At which level do you feel most at home? Do your clothes reflect this?

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