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Clothes, Identity & Transformation

These days there's a lot to read about all the problems of the clothing business, the second dirtiest in the world. Most of us know that there are loads of toxins involved in the traditional manufacturing of clothes. We are also aware that textile workers (sometimes called modern day slaves) are forced to work during really bad conditions. 

The clothing industry is moving towards sustainable clothing and most of us understand what it’s about. 

Even though we have enormous power as consumers, and take a vote every time we buy a garment, the actual work in this area has to be done by garment manufacturers. 

There is something else related to sustainable clothing though, something that lands on our plate, as individuals. Our consumer patterns have to change. With tons and tons of garment waste, each and every one of us need to figure out how we can cut down on the amount of clothes in our closet. The key to get by with less clothes is very personal, because… unless you truly know yourself it is difficult to know which clothes are right for you.

Clothes are intimately connected to your identity. 

Maybe the main reason for all the clothes we buy today is that few of us have a good answer to the question: Who am I? Sure, it’s easy to describe personal traits and prominent characteristics, that are part of our Ego and personality. But what about your deeper qualities? What about your Soul?

As we discover and begin to identify with these essential traits, buying clothes, as well as dressing, will become easy, joyous and more meaningful.

It takes time to instill new habits. But once you have managed to make new, sustainable clothing habits, they can last a lifetime. As you begin to express your authentic Self to the world through the clothes you wear, you will also have a greater sense of embodiment and personal power.​

Are you interested in conscious clothing and the future of clothes?

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