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Frozen Music

There is a close relationship between a piece of music and visual patterns. Some parts are repeated and varied, just as in their visual equivalent: a pattern. Musical notes can be translated to colors and chords to shapes. The composing itself is very similar, it’s just a different language. 

Music is Math. And so are patterns.

Music can change our mood. If we want to be happier, calmer  or more upbeat, we can choose music that enhances those feelings. The same goes for visual patterns. Just as a special song can remind us of our first love, a piece of cloth with patterns can take us back to our childhood home. In an instant. Certain pieces of music, as well as patterns, can also bring back a state of anxiety. Both convey emotional states, not actual memories. Both go beyond the conscious mind. 

To most people it is not as evident that visual patterns also affect our moods. But our unconscious mind is affected by the patterns we see around us, especially the fabrics we wear closest to our body. 

Music can be healing. And so can patterns. 

This is an fascinating area. There is still very much to explore, a lot to develop. Most of all it provides a whole range of new possibilities for clothing fabrics.

So, what is different between these two siblings? Well, music moves in the dimension of time, while visual patterns don’t. They exist in the now, in a frozen moment in time. All there is to see is there at once. But in this video the patterns actually move and come even closer to music…

Video: Glenn Marshall: The Nest That Sailed The Sky

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