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Inspiring Shades

If I was invited to look into your wardrobe, would I find something purple?

Many people (including me) love all the different shades of violet, lilac and purple, and own at least one garment in this color that they wear often. Others seem to dress in purple only when it’s in fashion. And then there are those who really don’t like it.

The color purple often evokes strong feelings.

As the last color in the spectra of frequencies that our eyes can see, and with the highest vibration, purple is associated with our crown chakra, the door to higher spiritual realms.

In Sweden some refer to the color as the last chance, indicating that it’s a color for older women. If we look at colors as a process (see Three Faces of Color) purple really does seem like a kind of ending.

In the continuous process of energy, purple signifies the stage where we let go and open up for metamorphosis. Surrendering to something new.

All energy is neutral and can be expressed in a positive or negative way. One reason why some find purple a difficult color to like, might be that it’s related to death and rebirth. It is associated to chaos and mental disorders as well as the highest kind of inspiration and spiritual experiences. If we are balanced, with sufficient grounding, these kinds of experiences can provide us with visions, guidance and artistic inspiration. If not, they might be detrimental to our psyche.

The spirituality of purple has nothing to do with religion or philosophies, but transcendence of the physical realm. With this color we gain an awareness of spiritual realities and experience the depth behind concrete surfaces.

Purple is also associated with royalty and power… to magic and rituals.

There is a sensitivity to the subtle and finely-tuned in ”a purple” person. Atmospheres and vibrations can be very real and palpable. Because of the strong impressionability there might be a tendency to withdraw from the noisy and messy world, a wish to escape from the reality of everyday life. And in solitude we might find some kind of artistic expression for our inspiration.

Wearing purple clothes can help us integrate this beautiful energy. So plant your feet firmly on the ground and add some inspiring garments to your wardrobe!

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