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Into Our Own Skin

Once we find that inner connection, we can begin to think about which clothes make us feel good.

To be in our own skin… what does that really mean? And why aren’t we always there?

Whenever we compare ourselves with someone else, we step out of our own skin. When we try to put on the right clothes to be accepted, we are no longer there. If we are self-conscious, dependent on how others see us, it’s a sure sign that we are not in our own skin.

How we look is never the problem… it's how we perceive how we look that's the key.

If we aren’t connected to who we are on a deeper level, it's impossible to express ourselves through the clothes we wear in a way that makes us feel good. If so, we might perceive ourselves as unattractive. If our unique psychic skin and our clothes are not in harmony, we can feel skinless. Raw and vulnerable. We might decide to hide in some kind of uniform.

The simple truth - so simple that we all know it already - is to accept ourselves, just the way we are. To be beautiful means to be ourselves. This is difficult for women of our time. We don’t really know how. We have been conditioned to look outside for approval, to measure ourselves against stupid and perfectionistic collective ideals.

Reconnecting with yourself will help you experience your own beauty.

So, what can we do to make it happen? Here are some tips:

  • Put fashion and clothes aside for now.

  • Find your own rhythm!

  • Give your body loving care.

  • Nurture your soul.

  • Connect with your feminine spirit.

  • Express your heart through some kind of art.

  • Revel in your own uniqueness!

This is how we find our way back home. Then - and only then - it is time to reflect upon the look, feel and texture of our second skin…

Image: "Embrace" by Jia Lu

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