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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Have you ever felt like it’s not really you when you dress according to feminine stereotypes? Are you confused about your own beauty and at a loss when it comes to expressing your true Self through the clothes you wear?

True beauty is a unique blend of deeper qualities.

Since I am a designer of clothes most would think I am very confident regarding my own. The truth is that, as I learnt the hidden codes and dressed according to cultural ideals, I was. But ever since I left the fashion business many years ago, I have been through many challenges around identity, appearance and beauty. I have faced my confusion as well as many fears and insecurities. 

My professional background, combined with many years of in-depth studies of psychology and personal development, has made me aware of the deeper sides of clothes. I have become something of an expert at discerning human qualities and translating them to colors, shapes, patterns and garment types.

Clothes can hide as well as help express who we really are.

In a Soul Styling session I might challenge you to peel off layers of conditioning. We will look closely at which ideals different garments represent. What should you keep and why? What are you ready to let go of? 

I will help you see where you are limiting yourself, how you can open up to a new flow by changing garment types or where you might need to become more defined. We will also look at your overall energy and how it can be balanced by colors and patterns. 

If you want me to I can be your guide in some soul-searching to find your deeper qualities and inner beauty, as well as help you find ways to express this unique beauty through specific colors, materials, patterns and garments cuts. 

Soul Styling is about revealing your inner Beauty and finding its expression.

Let me be your mirror to help you see and translate the Beauty of your soul and spirit.

Bild: Mark J. Sebastian

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