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Our Sparkling Self

Are you a dynamic and driven person with a strong will?

Whether you have these qualities or not depends on how balanced the fire element is in your psyche. If it isn’t, you might lack the drive to conquer difficulties in your everyday world. You might become pale and lethargic.

The fiery element represents our life force.

A person with a fiery temperament has a self-confidence and enthusiasm born out of an understanding of her (or his) own unique value.

Life is full of meaning and the will to express individuality is strong. Full of vitality these people can inspire and motivate others. The Self is more important than the needs of the body. Hence they can easily become a victim of burnout.

Our unique individuality is in focus.

Fire is an active element, born out of light and firmness. Consciousness moves upwards, towards higher goals. The firm quality of fire gives us the ability to be straight and focused.

This kind of person is dynamic, likes to lead and often tells others how things should be. Being passive can be seen as a bad quality. The fiery type can also be pretty insensitive towards others and uses her enthusiasm and will power to make things happen in the outer world.

In the fiery temperament the volume of our will, passion and life force are turned up.

Even though love and affection are shown openly, tact and sensitivity can be lacking. There is often a dramatic streak, with powerful expressions of emotion, whether it is joy, rapture or anger. More passive feelings, like grief or fear, can easily be concealed or blocked. In a conflict, the reactions can be intense. Obstructions are met with strength.

The fire patterns are based on triangles, which are dynamic shapes. Below are a few examples of how these patterns can look:

How these patterns affect us also depends on the colors used.

The three evolutionary stages of the fire element are:

The active RED phase, which is about self-assertion and the strong will to act, explore and conquer. The development of will and meaningful activity.

The focus in the GREEN phase is self-respect, integrity and natural leadership. There might be a hint of pride, of wanting to be seen and acknowledged. Creativity and generosity.

In the BLUE phase the important thing is expansion and freedom. There is a great deal of idealism and focus on social development. Wisdom is developed.

So, which of these stages need to be strengthened in you?

Choose patterns with triangles accordingly!

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