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Patterns for a New Era

As a designer, surface patterns for clothes have been one of my main interests. I’m actually something of a pattern freak, always looking for patterns. 

Where others see nothing specific, I see patterns. While friends take photos of sights or each other, I might be found on the ground, zooming in on the spectacular pattern of a stone or a plant. 

When I worked as a designer of shirts, checked and striped patterns were always the bestsellers. 

As I studied the deeper sides of colors and shapes, and how we are affected by them, it dawned on me how powerful patterns really are. Colors and shapes describe different moods and states of mind, and patterns show how these are combined in our consciousness. They describe (and affect) our very life patterns. 

Returning to checks and stripes, and adding all other simple, regular patterns made from squares, straight and wavy lines as well as triangles, we find the patterns that relate to our everyday 3rd dimensional consciousness. They describe the forces that make up our personality, the tools of our mind. 

Different types of patterns are actually the story of how energy moves in different dimensions. 

I am not saying that there’s anything wrong with simple patterns. We can use them to balance the different basic forces of our personality. If we, for instance, are intellectual and don’t know how to access our feelings, or if we have a difficult time being grounded and/or organized, we can strengthen this balance with simple surface patterns. 

In the long run though, we need something more than simple patterns. They don’t embody any movement, flow or expansion. Basic patterns keep us locked in time and space, in the known and ordered world. We cannot expand and grow unless we explore other dimensions, more complex patterns. 

The basic geometric patterns can not describe nature. 

Before the 1970’s all we knew was classical mathematics and geometry. But with computer science complicated equations were made possible. The mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot saw these equations like shapes and patterns in his mind. As he studied chaos and the patterns that seemed to deviate from order, he discovered fractal patterns. 

A fractal is a complex shape, created by using a mathematical formula. 

If you look at any small part of the fractal pattern it looks similar to the overall shape. This is true no matter how close you look.  

Nature is fractal, which means it is not bound to a specific size or scale. It can only be described through equations that repeat themselves based on the last result, a process (or a transformation) that can be repeated infinitely. Small alterations result in big changes. 

Pattern design and mathematical equations are just different expressions of the same thing. 

Fractal patterns is the underlying code that tells a tree when to grow a new branch. Fractals show us the always expanding nature or consciousness. They also show us that there are no distinct edges to reality. 

Can life be explained by just an equation? Is what we call time just loops in a fractal pattern? I have many questions, but one thing I am certain of; As our consciousness expands, the surface patterns we surround ourselves with will be different. 

Are you interested in conscious clothing and the future of clothes?

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