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Re-wild Your Wardrobe

There is something inherently wild about being a woman. Whether we want to or not, we are connected to Nature and natural cycles through the biology of our body.

It took many decades for me to reconnect to, as well as trust and appreciate my own wildness. Even though it was always there behind the surface, I was cultured away and lost the connection to Nature, that made me feel so safe, at an early age. 

Wild Woman, in all her raw earthiness, has been culturally repressed, and misunderstood. But she is rising.

So who is this Wild Woman? Her wildness is not fierce, although it might be if needed. She is wild as in non-domesticated and cannot be tamed or corrupt. The rules of the world we know does not apply in hers. 

The reality in which she resides is not static. It’s shifting and changing in a state of constant metamorphosis. Her world is ruled by natural laws and the rhythm of the Earth itself. Her body as well as psyche is in tune with the subtle shift of recurrent cycles and processes. 

She is timeless.

Sometimes she looks like a young woman. Other times she is as old as life itself. Her eyes are as wise as the oldest of crones, yet shine with the pure innocence of a newly-born.

The aesthetic ideals of our world are of no interest to her. In fact, she has no ideals. What is beautiful to her must also be true and real. She is beautiful without any need to be admired. She is seductive, but doesn’t seduce. She is powerful, but never uses it to empower herself.

She is you and you are Her.

Many of you might already know her well. But do the clothes you wear tell the same story? Here are some tips on how to find that alignment if they don’t… 

  • Our wild lady refuses to adapt to limiting cultural patterns and anything that holds her back. Since fashion and beauty ideals are part of these, they are out of the question. She sets her own standards and chooses her own expression of beauty, that resonates with her wild soul. 

  • Neat pleats and nicely hemmed edges do not agree with her and it's not hard to guess that tailored garments are not her cup of tea. Go for the simple and rustic. Look for garments with raw edges. If they have been torn and mended their beauty has just been enhanced.

  • Comfort is imperative to our Woman from the Wilderness. She must be able to move around freely, and breathe fully with her belly, without any waistband or complicated cuffs to restrain her. 

  • She cares for authenticity, transparency and that which is real. ”Pretty” details on garments, without any real function, are stupid to her. They are just a reflection of the games tamed people play. As well as all the drama. 

  • She is wild, but also relaxed and sensual. Open to sensations. Find fabrics that feel good on your skin. Those that are soft as well as rustic are her favorites. The hard and sturdy ones closes off her energy and does not belong in her wardrobe. 

  • Perfect symmetry cannot be found in Nature, so it's not found in the garments she wears. The kind of decoration that inspires her is based on the natural and uncontrolled. Among her preferences are shibori, patterns from vegetation and flora, and fabrics woven with uneven threads.

  • The natural scent of the body is Her kind of sexy. Go light (or not at all) on deodorants, perfumes as well as razors and make-up. Stick to the basic and natural when it comes to cleansing.

  • Do you really need a bra? Wild women rarely do. Why restrain our boobs when it’s not even healthy? Maybe a slip is enough?

We all-to-often absorb a new way to dress as a new, edgy identity that remains on the surface.

Clothes can help you get in tune with the qualities of Her Wildness, but to just dress like her is not enough. Look for her expression through clothes, but don’t forget to also attune yourself to their quality.

Listen to her calling you. Recognize that inner stirring to break free. Be her devotee.

Re-wild yourself and see what happens!

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