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Show Me Your Wardrobe...

Which face do I show the world?

… and I will tell you who you are!

Hmm… is that really possible? Maybe if you see a person’s identity as equal to his or her most obvious personal traits, or the societal group she feels most at home in. A sporty person definitely doesn’t dress the same way as one who is a sweet romantic, or someone more in tune with the intellectual world.

In a time when sustainability is becoming the norm, many designers and buyers focus on the basic wardrobe as a better alternative than the changeability of fashion, that leads to so much waste. It would be really easy if we just needed to buy a few garments that were neutral enough to work on many different occasions. But is striving for something neutral really more sustainable?

A wardrobe that has developed over time, while we discover more of who we really are, is the only thing that truly lasts.

When it comes to our true identity, a persons wardrobe can be pretty dishonest. But if we had to ponder the tricky question of who we truly are each time we got dressed, we wouldn’t have much time left for anything else.

It’s so easy to get stuck in habits regarding clothes. Far too often our clothing style has become a surface to hide behind, instead of something to show who we are. One of the reasons for this is that we live in a cultural climate where certain qualities and characteristics are seen as ideals. This is what creates the fashion trends that influence our choice of clothing styles.

Creating a wardrobe that is true to who we are can take time.

The process calls for an inner journey, in search for different parts of our personality - those we enjoy as well as those we usually deny. The ”gold” is often found in what we seek to hide, so a good start is to ponder:

Which face do I show the world?

Are there parts of me that have been overvalued?

Do I have qualities that have been hidden, that I am ashamed of?

Do my deepest qualities agree with the colors, patterns and garment types in my wardrobe?

The challenge in being as uncompromising as possible in our clothing expression often lies in combining odd characteristics as well as fusing polarities. Only then do we become the complex, uniquely composed and exciting creatures that we really are. And when we show the world who we are we can be seen... something most of us long for.

Maybe a sustainable society is the complete opposite to one where trends and dress codes rule which garments hang in our closet. As we express who we really are, diversity in all its marvelous forms can enrich the world.

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