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The Dark Side of Clothes

Our style of clothing is usually an expression of our personality, describing our temperament and preferred life style. Like no other media clothes can project an image of how we want to be perceived by the world. 

But there is a darker side to clothes; they are often used to hide who we really are. Looking back in history it's obvious that fashionable clothes have had the purpose of changing the person wearing them, of helping us pretend to be someone we are not.

Every human billboard hides a unique gem.

Identifying with a specific icon or role model and trying to mimic their style, or being a follower of fashion, is often rooted in a fear of showing up just as we are. Some might hide out in confusion, because of a lack of connection to Self.

Trying hard to be seen as happy and successful, in a stylish outfit, seems like a contemporary epidemic. One of its symptoms is to always keep the façade perfect and intact. 

A shallow life style can be an escape, but also a prison.

We are so starved of the undisguised and real in what is blown up in media. Our true common challenge is to stop comparing ourselves to others. Stop pretending. Even though we are all so much more, it's so easy to become stuck in personality mode. It's almost like a default. Only when we dare let go of our perceived identity, of our ego, can we find that mystical connection to Self or Soul. 

It might take time to de-identify with our ego, our personality. It can also be scary to be in that space-in-between as we search for our Essence, our own Soul. But once we re-connect the threads, our mission is clear: Embody, Express and Be our Selves. Clothes can be our allies on this path. 

There is nothing more beautiful than a person who becomes one with her true Self. 

Every unique part in a whole is extremely important. By becoming more in tune with our true identity, and finding an expression for Self, we enrich the collective we are a part of. We are all so extremely valuable. Just like gems. 

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