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The Dividing Line

Are you crazy about striped patterns?

Do you like striped patterns? Is your closet filled with garments made of stripes?

If you answered yes to these questions, it might be useful to look closer, in order to understand what you are telling yourself with all these lines.

Finding out how lines affect you is also a good thing.

Let’s look at shapes from an evolutionary perspective. First, there is the circle of wholeness. Then a focusing point appears.

For manifestation to occur the frequency is lowered and the gravitational pull creates a growing tension. A movement from the point in two opposite directions is begun.

And Voila, the line is born!

Since the energy moves to opposite poles a split becomes apparent and we enter the first dimension of the line. We are now in The Land of Duality and find ourselves split off from wholeness, separated from each other. Light is separated from darkness, active from passive. Masculine from feminine.

In the dimension of split polarities we experience separation. There is actually a connection between two and doubt in all languages. In mathematics we use the minus sign (a tiny line) when we deduct, which makes the sum smaller.

Once we discover separation we are cast out of Paradise.

Duality is a state of conflict. But it is, at the same time, a state of creativity. The tension between the two poles starts a creative process and thus a development towards synthesis. Opposites are actually necessary for the expansion of consciousness.

In order to experience wholeness again we need to learn to navigate between polarities. Awareness of the opposite poles inside of us helps us do that. In order to know what we truly want, we first need to discover what we don’t want.

The line represents this law of opposites.

If we look at the development of a child, the first dimension is entered when it learns to separate between itself and its mother. Eventually it also learns the difference between boy and girl, light and dark, good and bad.

As this development continues, the child becomes more and more objective. It is more able to separate, more able to put itself outside of experiences, which often leads to the projection of unwanted qualities onto others.

Lines strengthen our logic ability.

When the child starts school, which is often very logically oriented, its intellect develops. It learns to analyze, to be objective and to remember facts.

Striped patterns can be made of thin or bold lines just like our logical abilities can be tentative or decisive. They can be diffuse as in a more imaginary mind or very distinct and ordered. They can also be vertical or horizontal. Its horizontal state is resting, calm and passive, while the vertical is more confronting. It almost seems to demand something from us.

We draw the line when it is enough. So I draw the line right here!

Image: .neha.

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