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The Invisible Life of Clothes

In the rush of every-day life, time is often scarce. Some days we simply pick any garments available to keep us warm and dry. If we have more time, and some awareness of the psychology behind clothes, we might pick colors and styles to balance our mood and express our individuality. 

There is also a subtler and less known side of clothes. A piece of cloth is susceptible to, and stores, impressions from its environment. Every garment thus has its own vibration, which influences our subtle energy. So how do we make sure those are good for us? There are a few things to consider… 

Use natural materials

Fibers like wool, silk, linen, hemp and cotton are among the materials that best attract and store frequencies. Contrary to synthetics they are also conducive to the flow of energy in our aura. 

Be more aware of the unseen world of colors

What our eyes interpret as a colored fabric is the ability of the color pigment in the cloth to reflect or absorb different light frequencies. While a white cloth reflects all wavelengths, a black absorbs them all. A red cloth absorbs all frequencies but red, a blue all but blue, etc. Dressed in white we are bathed in the whole spectrum of light frequencies, while they are non-existent in black clothes. Aware of this, we can use it consciously.

Find out how the garments were made

Cut and sewn in a stressful environment where workers are abused, the garments store those vibrations. The best-case scenario would be clothes made by hand in an atmosphere of love and peace. This would imbue the fabric with a pure energy.

Avoid negative human vibrations

Cloth also stores the energy of the person who wears them. Since this can be both good and bad, it’s something we need to think about if we use borrowed clothes, or buy them second-hand. Some vibrations can be difficult to clear. 

Take good care of your clothes

Are there holes or broken seams? Valuing and caring for a garment improves its subtle vibration. Even though washing helps clear some stored energy, too frequent washing wears down the natural abilities of its fabric fibers. Try to wash clothes more gently. If we have been through a difficult period it’s more important to wash our clothes. In a constant high vibration an airing now and then will probably be enough to refresh them.  

Look at flow vs obstruction of energy

Garments are most conducive to our energetic well-being when they are comfortable and not too tight anywhere. 

Caring about things like these, as well as choosing the new garments we buy with awareness and care, can literally contribute to lift our spirit! 

Image by Darla Hueske

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