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The Magical Power of Patterns

So many of the things we are surrounded by are decorated with patterns; clothes, curtains, sheets, carpets, wall paper, tiles, furniture, gift-wrap paper to name a few. 

We are so used to decorations that we see them as just something nice on the surface of things. But why do we decorate things? And what do patterns really tell us? 

Patterns and ornaments are an ancient universal language that communicate directly with our subconscious mind. 

Decorations have their origin in man’s earliest history. The first ”clothes” seem to have been decorations like body painting, patterns made through scars and tattoos. 

Nobody really knows what gave rise to our need to decorate ourselves and the things that surround us. But it definitely wasn’t a practical necessity. One of the theories to explain why the first decorative patterns appeared, is that they were symbols of mystical powers and had magical significance. Most likely their purpose was to protect or empower the person who wore them in different ways.

Drawing these symbols, ingraining them on the skin or later on cloth, was a way of becoming one with the specific force, of embodying its power. 

Looking back through the history of fashion it is also quite obvious that the colors and shapes that were used in the decoration of garments have had the purpose of transforming the person wearing them.

Clothes and their patterns are intimately connected to different personality traits. They often function like tools to express it. But decorated garments can also be used to hide who we really are, or to boost other traits than those we are most identified with.

The closer to the body, the more we become one with a pattern.

There is an intimate relationship between the basic forces of our psyche and certain colors and shapes, as well as between our invisible life patterns and their visible equivalents in decorative patterns.

Wearing clothes with patterns can be a powerful thing if we let the energy behind the visible pattern be more important than "how pretty" it is. As we attune to the deeper meaning of the repeated shapes or symbols they become magical and transmit their power to deeper layers of our consciousness. 

To the ancient Greeks the word kosmos meant both decoration and cosmic order. 

A repetition of certain colors and shapes actually affect our thought, emotional and behavioral patterns. Just as sounds do, they stimulate and restructure our energy. For this reason visible patterns on clothing can also function as tools to help change limiting life patterns.

Decorative patterns are not just about design. They are just as much about the psycho-spiritual layers of our consciousness. If we combine the knowledge of colors, shapes and patterns with self-knowledge, we can reinforce the parts inside that are weaker, for a better overall balance. 

It works like magic… 

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