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Threads That Matter

I used to work as a designer in the world of fashion. The first couple of years were fun. But as I started to see how the drive for profit mattered more than the quality of garments, and how the company I worked for tried to manipulate people through commercials, I felt sick. The whole industry felt hollow and rotten and I just could not stay. One simple question drove me on a life-long quest…

Is there any deeper meaning to clothes?

After spending several decades on a search for answers, and trying them out, this is what I know for sure:

Clothes are usually made for, as well as chosen from, the preferences of our personality. But for those of us who are walking the path of personal growth, and have begun to know the essence of our soul and the glow of spirit, our choices can be made from, and satisfy, a deeper level. This is how I go about it… 

Winter is approaching and I need something soft and warm to wear closest to my heart. Wool, one of the natural materials provided by Mother Nature, is the perfect choice. It regulates heat, soaks up moist and is actually self-cleansing. I found a lovely wool jersey in one of the colors that make my heart sing; wild rose. So today I made myself a woollen wild rose slip, in a model that fits my body and allows it to move as it needs. 

To infuse it with a touch of spirit, I print a Flower of Life in gold.

Mother Nature provides for me, and I return her love by treasuring her gifts. I value and respect her by making sure the material is produced naturally, without exploiting Nature nor workers, and use it with care. I wash it gently, not too often. If a seam breaks, I mend it. Folding it carefully and finding a storing place for this garment with enough room is also important. When I wear it I feel grateful. 

I don’t wear my woolen slip in wild rose with golden print to look good to others. I wear it because it feels good to my Soul. This is part of my practice of Self love. Loving and honoring my Mother is actually the same as loving and honoring my Self. This brings meaning to the garments I wear. 

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