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Three Faces of Color

Are you a balanced person? Can you as easily start up a project, follow it through and then let go of control? If not, this can help you find the colors you need to add to your wardrobe.

From a scientific perspective colors are the small part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation that our eyes can see. Our brain interprets the fluctuation of frequency as changes in color hue. But the flow of colors is also a visual expression of a transition from one emotional state to another, in three distinct phases...

Your RED face – from impulse to action

Your life is filled to the brim by different activities. All the concrete chores and interactions of everyday life is your reality, and you constantly push for action. Your focus is directed outwards and you react strongly and spontaneously to outer stimuli. Achievements are important to you and you like to see immediate results. 

In this stage you have very little control of your energy and easily go to extremes. You start projects but might be so full of enthusiasm that you waste your energy. There is also a tendency to overestimate yourself and how much you can really manage, which might lead to stress and burn-out.

All red, orange and yellow color hues are expressions of this phase of the energetic process.

Your GREEN face – concentration and realisation

The balancing point between active and passive is now reached, which slows things down. Security is now your main motivation. You become aware that your energy has a limit and that you need to use it consciously. A sense of reality is developed and you become more stable. 

This is a stage of discipline as well as awareness of possibilities and limitations. Projects can be realised and made productive. But there is a risk that your energy might stagnate if you stay in this mode. 

Different hues of green, from yellowish green to bluish green, describe this stage.

Your BLUE face – withdrawal and change

The energy now turns inwards. Even though you might still be involved in external activities, you are not as interested in succeeding in the outer world. You let go of things. Experiences are analysed and processed. You accept the consequences of your actions, failures and unrealized dreams. This leads to self-awareness and maturation. If you get stuck in this phase it can lead to depression and wanting to give up. 

Turquoise blue, indigo blue and purple are the visual expressions for this introvert part of the process. 

After the blue phase the energy transforms and a new impulse is born. Your red face shows up again and the process continues… 

Are all your three faces visible? If not, strengthen the weaker parts with clothes in red, green or blue. 

Red photo: Ze'ev Barkan

Green photo: jessjamesjake

Blue photo: Nadja Tatar

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