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Your Sustainable Wardrobe

A new year is here and many, including myself, are reflecting on changes we want to make. Does my life style need improvement? Do I need to create better habits? And, the most important question of all: Am I open to make some effort?

Do you feel like you have nothing to put on, even though your closet is full of garments? This might be an area where changes are due. Maybe your New Year's resolution could be to create a more sustainable wardrobe? If it is, we want to support your commitment.

Whole Threads is offering a free online course called The Sustainable Wardrobe.

In five modules we will go through the different aspects of what makes a wardrobe sustainable. These are among the subjects we will cover:

- What is sustainable when it comes to clothes?

- Identity, style and cultural values.

- A wardrobe purge.

- How to care for your clothes in the best way.

- What to consider when adding garments to your sustainable wardrobe.

Making our wardrobes sustainable is of vital importance right now, for nature and the climate, and is a great challenge for a new year. Whether sustainable clothing is new to you, or you are quite conscious of what it means to be a sustainable dresser, you will find subjects of value.

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