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Personal Growth & Clothes


Do you, like so many other women, have a wardrobe full of clothes, but still nothing feels right? 


Metamorfos is a longer program for women, where we look at the different parts of the personality and explore deeper qualities. When this growing awareness is combined with knowledge of how we are affected by colors, patterns and clothing styles, it becomes easier, as well as more meaningful, to dress and to create a wardrobe that lasts.


The form and length of the program creates a safe space for inner and outer transformation. There is time to reflect and integrate. Time to see things through in small steps and become aware of what happens inside you. This way the change becomes more permanent. 

About the program

We begin by looking closer at your clothing style today and what you are actually saying about yourself. When we explore which garments in your wardrobe you use the most, which you have but never use, what feels boring or exciting, we collect more clues.

What is an identity? This is what we look closer at as we begin to explore your personality. What does the colors and patterns you are drawn to say about who you are? Which parts of you need to be strengthened to find inner balance and come closer to a state of wholeness? How can colors, patterns and styles help you get there?


During the program we also use your personal horoscope to get some clarity about your mix of characteristics. You learn the alphabet of colors and shapes so that you really understand how you can use them as tools. We also look at how the most powerful feminine archetypes affect your life and how they relate to different clothing styles. 

In the later part of the program it is time to go beyond the personality. Which deeper qualities are combined to create your unique beauty? We explore how this beauty of yours can be expressed through clothing, so that you can unite the inner and outer. Now you can begin to show the world who you really are and gain strength and energy from it. 

Apart from support and space for your personal journey of development you will learn: 

  • What an identity is, what happens in human growth and transformation, and how this is related to clothes. 

  • The language of colors, shapes and patterns, how these affect us and how they can be used to reach inner balance and wholeness. 

  • We look at the basic feminine archetypes behind fashion and clothing styles. The development of a new feminine archetype that embodies wholeness. The qualities we need in our time and how they can be expressed through clothes. 

  • What different layers of clothes represent and how this awareness can be used when we get dressed.  

What you can expect

  • You will become more aware of the different parts of your personality, how they are expressed as well as how they can create drama in your life.

  • Your challenges and your personal path towards wholeness become as obvious as how to use colors and patterns as tools in this process. 

  • You get some clarity about your unique blend of essential qualities and we explore how to find an expression of these through your clothes. 

  • As you begin to to express your authentic self through all the aspects of your being, you will have an expanded experience of embodiment and personal power. 

Your guide

The person who leads the program is Annika Thomas. I am a designer of clothes, astrologer and author. As the dedicated searcher that I am, I have also studied psychology from different schools as well as many other systems that explore the human identity.


There is nothing more exciting and captivating to me than our inner depths. But I also love beautiful clothes and textiles, and enjoy days alone in my studio where I am surrounded by fabrics, yarn, sewing machines and my loom. When I was younger I saw these two polarities in myself - one quite shallow and one that is very deep - as a powerful and painful conflict. A lot of years of growth has healed that split though and today they have merged into an interdependent whole. Clothes can really be a genuine expression of a deeper beauty and this experience is healing in itself. 


Seeing how a larvae spins a chrysalis around itself, where it can dissolve and later come out as a butterfly, or how a flower changes appearance as it goes through the different stages from bud to full bloom to wilted, has convinced me that a transformation is not only an inner experience. As we begin to embody and express our deeper essence, our way of expressing our Selves through the clothes we wear also needs to change.  

The setup

During six Saturdays, from April to December 2023, we meet in central Stockholm. Between each of these meetings you will get homework, that can be related to inner work or be purely practical. Writing about your experience and insights is a part of the process, and you will be given various questions to reflect upon. 


You will also receive a private consultation on Zoom or in Stockholm, where we look at your personal horoscope to explore qualities, strengths and possibilities, as well as challenges and imbalances. This usually adds important clues to your identity and overall energy.


We will discuss and share our hopes, longings, fears, insights, triumphs and eventual backlashes in our process in a private group (Facebook or WhatsApp). This will increase the power of the transformation for everyone. 


The number of participants is limited to 12 women. We will also form smaller units so that everyone has someone to work with between our meetings.

The price for the full program is 2 800 SKr (incl VAT).

Since the number of participants is very limited, it's recommendable to book a spot as soon as possible.

How is it different from other programs?

If you compare this program with others that are about clothes, this one does not any readymade templates regarding personality types. Even if we are closely connected to some specific archetype (and thus clothing style) we work with the basic assumption that every participant is unique as well as on a uniquely personal  journey of development. 


Most courses about clothes are also about our exterior, about how we look to others, while our focus weaves together the inside and outside. We also explore ways to dress that embraces our inner Self (soul, essence, core) that is found beneath our conditioned personality. 


Welcome on a journey that is about expansion of your identity and a truer expression for who you are through clothes!

Contact me by mail if you want to enroll or if you have questions!

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